Introducing Our Braced Orthodontics Team

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Greetings…. patients, friends and those that are curious about smiles!

My name is Dr. Mendy Ritchie and I am the dentist here at Braced Orthodontics. I am so excited to start blogging regularly to tell you all about me, my team, our fantastic modern office and the wonderful services we provide in the beautiful town of Marble Falls, TX. But first, I want this FIRST blog to commemorate the 2 year anniversary of Braced Orthodontics which just happens to be on February 18th this year. It has been a dream come true to be able to open an office that is solely dedicated to helping the wonderful people of our community to achieve their “dream” smiles!!!! It doesn’t even feel like work.

I have been practicing orthodontics for more than 18 years but was in a group practice that did all kinds of dentistry. I think that really gives me a unique perspective with my patients because I know what a bad bite can do to a person many years down the road. Now, my office provides services such as Invisalign®, Invisalign TEEN®, Invisalign® First (for young kids), early orthodontics with braces, comprehensive orthodontic treatment with braces, CLEAR braces, neuromuscular orthodontics and treatment for TMJ.

In fact, I have studied for many years at the world-renowned post-graduate school called LVI Global. And I will continue to study and learn how to better serve my patients. But back to our 2 year anniversary…it REALLY is a special day for us at Braced Orthodontics. It is a day that we get to be so thankful for each other and for the many patients that have graced our doors so far and the ones to come. We would LOVE for you to stop in for a tour and check out some of our high-tech equipment! And we might just do something special on February 18th…so be checking our Facebook page for more information. That’s it for now…keep smiling!

Love, Dr. M.