Face Forward Orthodontics is a streamlined way to get a great smile. The treatment is driven by moving the teeth to achieve a beautiful facial profile and facial features. The procedure is a form of non-extraction, non-retraction orthodontics, allowing our doctor to improve your smile without invasive procedures. In the process, Dr. Mendy Ritchie moves the facial features and teeth forward — never backward movement. By doing no extractions or retraction, our doctor can create more effective results. Patients can enjoy having a nice open airway space for easier breathing. They also have less chance of TMJ problems (jaw and dental pain) in the future — since the compression of the joint is relieved. Finally, a patient’s braces treatment time can also be shortened.


By offering Face Forward Orthodontics in Marble Falls, Texas, Braced Orthodontics can improve a patient’s smile and overall oral health. With this procedure, orthodontic surgery is only used as a last resort. If you are interested in learning more about Face Forward Orthodontics at our practice, call 830-265-6500 and schedule an appointment today. During your consultation, our doctor can go over your options for orthodontics. Once our doctor can complete an in-office examination, we can help you plan your treatment based on your specific needs.